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Ground Mounting

Ground Mounting

Xiamen  Solaracks  is a solar ground mounting system manufacturer and designer. Our solar mounting has passed the rigorous testing and certified by the design standard of AS/NZS 117, JISC8955: 2017, IBC2009 etc.

Roof Mounting

roof mounting

Xiamen Solaracks’s roof mounting systems with patented rail, highly pre-assembled components can be your better choice.

Carport Mounting

Carport Mounting

Carbon Steel Carport Mounting System,  Solar carport effectively uses existing parking space, streamlined design making it an ideal choice to present environmentally friendly image or work as an electrical vehicle charging station.

Xiamen Solaracks is a manufacturer with high quality solar mounting system for pitched roof, flat roof, ground open areas and agricultural farm.

Devote to offering a globally first-class solar pv mounting system solution.
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Xiamen Solar Racking System

Xiamen Solaracks is a solar mounting solution company with a factory. Solaracks has been in the solar industry for over 10 years. Customized service is available, also accepts the ODM and OEM.
At Solaracks, we attach great importance to sustainability, which is why we produce high-grade aluminum components. Thanks to our highly skilled personnel, we are able to guarantee consistently high product quality.

Xiamen solar mounting


Researching, manufacturing, and marketing for solar mounting solutions, including roof mounts, ground mounts, carport mounts, solar farms, and other solar accessories.

Main Business Markets:

Mainland China, Hongkong, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, MENA Regions, European Countries, North and South America, etc.




Solaracks, located in Xiamen, China is one of the leading pv mounting systems manufacturers and suppliers. Known for its stable and excellent performance, buy pv racking system from Solaracks factory be your best choice. And the customized orders are also welcome. Should you’re interested in pv panel mounting systems price, take action to get the sample with us.

Find a professional manufacturer and exporter with high-quality solar mounting systems in Xiamen

Xiamen Solaracks is a photovoltaic mounting systems provider, our services including Flat  Mounting System, Pitched Roof Mounting System, Ground Mounting, etc. We devote to research, design, manufacture, and sell steady, trustable, and cost-efficient solar PV mounting system solutions.

Xiame Flat Roof Mounting System

Xiamen Solaracks flat roof mounting system is suitable for roof types such as trapezoidal, corrugated metal, gravel or bitumen sheet.

Pitched Roof Mounting System

Solaracks pitched roof mount offer solutions for trapezoidal, corrugated metal sheet, sandwich roofing, standing seam mount and rainless metal roof mount, etc.

Ground Mounting System

Xiamen Solaracks ground mount suitable for all common soil classes, it can be achieved by ramming, concrete foundations, pile in, and ground screw.

Carport solar mounting system

Solaracks carport solar mounting system is an economical multi-function structure for cars parking and electricity generation, can be designed with waterproof.

Solar tracking system

Solaracks Clytie and Helios series tracking system is designed to meet the needs of different scenarios, which can achieve higher generation efficiency and lower LCOE.

Xiamen solar mounting factory

Landfill Solar System