What is Flat Roof Mounting

What is Flat Roof Mounting

What is Flat Roof Mounting System?

Flat Roof Mounting

Flat Roof Mounting System

The flat roof configuration offers stability and maneuverability in the selection of orientation and tilt, although it is generally the considered option for commercial roof mounted, it is also possible to implement it in the residential sector if the roof is flat.

This type of system involves the design of a ballasted concrete structure (just like in-ground mount) that enables the modules to be placed at a specific tilt.

Solar panels can be fastened to the concrete base, saving costs of metal materials for the mounting structure.

If the system has a solar tracking design, then the base for the aluminum structure is fixed to the concrete while at the same time providing mobility for the solar panels.

The typical selections in average households are roof-mounted systems, which provide security to the system, fewer shading obstacles, roof protection and are generally more economical than ground mounted systems.

 What is Flat Roof Racking System?

Major types in roof-mounted solar racking systems



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