The Importance of Reliable Solar Mounting Structure

The Importance of Reliable Solar Mounting Structure

From the perspective most people see a solar panel, it is difficult to see how panels are attached to a roof.  Since they are not visible, and most consumers do not spend much time thinking about what mechanisms keeping their panels attached. Furthermore, since mounting and racking systems are somewhat hidden, most people aren’t overly concerned about them.  In fact, since they are not the ‘money maker’ or ‘energy producer’ racking and mounting systems do not get glorified or researched like the solar panels do. Our experience as a solar mounting structure manufacturer is that the racking and mounting systems are just as important, if not more, than the panels reflecting light off the roof are.

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Products for All Roof Types

Each roof demands a different strategy for solar panel installation.  What works best for a composite roof might not be the best solution for a concrete tile roof.  One determining factor to ask your solar installation company is how they dictate what product and how your panels are installed.  Mounting systems are unique to your roof. Products are designed specifically for composition/asphalt shingle roofs, tile roofs, Shake and Slate roods and roofs with a low slope.  Even within each style of roof, recognizing if the roof is new or retrofitted determines what product is the correct mounting system for your panel installation.

Superior Waterproofing

Superior Waterproofing

Solaracks’s Pitched Roof Mounting System and Flat Roof Mounting System

When solar panels are installed on your roof, you are literally allowing your solar installation company to drill holes into your roof.  This means that ensuring the correct mounting system is vital to avoid leaks in your roof. Solaracks is one hardcore providers of mounting products.  This is important because Solaracks was founded on the principle of providing solid and reliable support.

Training for Fast and Simple Installation


Incorrect installation of a solar panel array is often connected to lack of training or education of an installation crew.  We believe in continuous education so we work closely with our distributors as they are close to the installers in the market. Installation crews are at the forefront of knowledge and training experience, which leads to installs that follow Best Practices for the leader in the industry.  Additionally, outside of formal training, online webinars and video tutorials are always available and accessible. These tools are powerful areas of solar intelligence and training across the board.


Why It Is Important to Ask Questions

Poor roof racking and mounting systems can negatively impact the production and value of your solar system.  When a mounting system is not installed correctly, or a mounting system of inferior quality, is attached to your roof, the risk of problems increases.  Additionally, incorrectly installed mounting and racking systems leads to leaks in the roofs and a myriad of potential safety issues. As you collect quotes, ask direct questions about the mounting and racking systems that will be used on your solar installation.  If you are told “All mounting systems are the same,” it is recommended you continue to get company quotes that answer to the quality and safety expectations you have of your solar system. Asking too many questions early on is a way to eliminate problems further down the lane.  Since solar panels are designed to last for at least 25 years, be confident the mounting and tracking systems they are hanging from are of equitable quality. Remember, your panels are only as good as they system they are mounted on.

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