Test data of EPDM in Solaracks

Test data of EPDM in Solaracks

Solaracks use imported new material from 3M or Keltan for EPDM used in L foot, clamps, mini rails, framless module clamps etc.

To prove it is suitable and convincing it is the best standard of the industry, we have done one test through third-party lab.

Test description:ambient temperature:23℃,relative humidity:50%
The stress relaxation testing was performed according to GB/T 1685-2008 method A.
Estimation of a lifetime by Stress relaxation testing evaluate the test result according to Arrhenius
based on GB/T 20028-2005.

Stress Relaxation

90celsius degree, 110celsius degree, 130celsius degree, 150celsius degree
15%,h 2796 326 62 13

Arrhenius estimation


According to the procedure in GB/T 20028-2005,the max temperature at 103.7
years was estimated;the maximum temperature 50 celsius degree at 31 years was estimated.

Relaxation,% 15
Estimated Lifetime at 40 celsius degree, years, 103.7
Estimated Lifetime at 50 celsius degree, years, 31

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