Solar panel pole mount

Solar panel pole mount

China Solar panel pole mount

Solaracks brings us a new way of solar panel pole mounting your solar array. It’s easier, safer, and faster! This Top of solar panel Pole Mount System allows you to assemble at waist level, wire the solar panels at eye level, chain hoist your array up to the top, and adjust your tilt angle from the ground. No more heavy equipment, cranes, scaffolding, or large ladders needed! And quick turnaround time too!

Pole Mount system

Pole ground mount is a very sturdy solution for small area solar photovoltaic needs. With its manu-adjustable 10-30 degree angle settings, it can support installations in a wide range of locations. The small on-grid or off-grid power station can be arranged in garden, farmland, mountain, or beside water pump, telecom tower or the outdoor electrical house. The structure is available for manu-adjustable angle according to season changing. Standard design is 6 and 8 panels.

Side-of-Pole Mounts
side of pole mount
Mounting structures for one or more PV modules on the side of a single pole.

There are a wide variety of installation methods for MAPPS solar power systems. Systems from 10 Watts to 480 Watts can easily be mounted on vertical poles ranging from 2″ to telephone poles. Many versions are shown below from single module mounting structures (links to below) to multiple module mounting structures on larger poles.

Top-of-Pole Mounts

top of pole solar panel mount
Mounting structures for multiple PV modules on top of a single pole.


Multi-Pole Ground Mounts
multi-pole ground mount
Mounting structures for multiple PV modules on a single row of vertical pipes.

Solar panel pole mount

Using solar pole mounts for your solar panels can be a good option if you don’t want to mount them to your roof. Pole mounts are easy to install and can provide a way to mount your solar panels so that they are still off the ground and away from harm. They are also easier to get to than panels on your roof for when you are adjusting the angle or cleaning snow or debris off of them.



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