Solar panel mounting rails

Solar panel mounting rails

Solar panel Mounting System Rails

ApplicationSolar Carport, ground system, roof system
FeatureEasy installation
FunctionSolar system connection components
Length:2560mm/3405mm/4200mm or customized
Service Time25 Years

Picture of solar panel mounting rails

solar panel mounting rails

Waterproof easy installation solar panel mounting AR rails for solar carport

Solar carport effectively uses exsiting parking space, streamlined design making it ideal choice to present enviromental friendly image or work as electrical vehicle charging station.

Standard 1-1/2″  Solar Mounting Rail
· Colors: Clear Anodized and Black Finish
· UL 2703 Listed
· Available in 130″ (black only), 136″, and 168″ lengths
· 1-1/2″ Tall by 1-1/2″ Wide
· 4 foot on center span

Deep 2-1/2″ Rail
Colors: Clear Anodized and Black Finish
· UL 2703 Listed
· Available in 124″, 136″, and 168″ lengths
· 2-1/2″ Tall by 1-1/2″ Wide
· 6 foot on center span

XD 3″ Rail
Colors: Clear Anodized
· UL 2703 Listed
· Available in 136″, 164″, and 172″ lengths
· 3″ Tall by 1-1/2″ Wide
· 8 foot on center span with Solaracks

Solaracks Rail Mount System is designed to support off-grid systems as well as all solar panel sizes.
To complete this system, you would also need Rail Splice, L-Foot, End Clamps, and Mid Clamps (sold separately). It makes the installation of long, continuous rows of panels easy.
The Rail Mount System supports any row length required for a project. The system is designed to be used on flat, rigid surfaces to ensure system stability.
Please Note: This item is not structural or UL certified.
If you have any questions regarding this product, please give us a  email

China Solaracks Porfile
1.Location:Located in Xiamen City, Fujian Province, China
2.We have our own holding factory with 5000 square meters
3.We have a professional sales team
4.We have our own R&D department. Each solar items project will be tailored to you
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