Solar Car Park Mounting System

Solar Car Park Mounting System

Solaracks customized solar carport mounting system is the most versatile solar carport solutions in the market offering several different designed structure options for both single and double rows of parking. they are suitable for both framed and thin film modules in any size.

Solaracks solar car parking solar rack mount can be designed as single row and double row two version. It adopts triangle supporting structure technology, which is very strong and secure.

Car Park Mounting System
Installation Site: Ground
Installation Angle:5 °or 10°or 15°
Building Height:2.0~3.5m
Wind Speed: Up to 60 m/s
Snow Load:1.4KN/㎡
PV module: Framed or thin film
Applicable Orientation: Landscape or portrait
Code Appliance: AS/NZS1170
Material: Aluminum, stainless steel
Warranty:10 years on material

Solaracks carport adopt triangle supporting structure technology, with concise and beautiful appearance, the framework is delicate and solid, bracket installation is convenient, can be installed directly without welding. Carport’s characteristics meet the structure bearing capacity and maximum material utilization was optimized. Unique rail design is suitable for different types of solar panel installation, the quick and easy installation design has greatly increased the venue construction efficiency, shorten the installation period, saves the cost of investment for carport greatly.

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