Self-tapping screw/Tek screw in solar mounting system

Self-tapping screw/Tek screw in solar mounting system

In the solar mounting system, either in L foot, tile hook, trapezoidal roof hook, or rail joiner in ground mount, there is the self-tapping screw, some choose DACROMET carbon steel screw, some choose SUS410 screw, some use bi-metal hybrid screw.
Self-tapping screws drill their own little tunnels by cutting precise threads when they are screwed into wood, plastic or metal. It’s helpful to use self-tapping screws for products that you need to maintain regularly such as air-conditioning units or canopies where you need to dissemble and reassemble the item along the same threads. You can insert self-tapping screws with either a hand-held or electric screwdriver.
Before you use self-tapping screws, it’s helpful, although not mandatory, to drill a pilot hole through the material. This ensures the screw will go in easily and will be positioned correctly. Make sure to use a smaller drill bit than the self-tapping screw itself when drilling the pilot hole. Otherwise, if the hole is too large, the screw threads won’t have anything to attach to. Then position the screw straight and screw it in place with a flat head or Phillips screwdriver (depending on the screw head). If the screw goes in crooked, it could cause the head to strip. Next, tighten the screw until it no longer turns easily. Be careful not to over-tighten the screw because it could cause the threads to strip.
Self-tapping screws come with a sharp, piercing tip or a flat, blunt tip. The sharp-tipped screws are designed for drilling their own hole into softer materials such as wood and plastic so they don’t need a pilot hole. The advantage of the flat-tipped screw is that it won’t get stuck in the material and break off. When you’re drilling into harder material such as sheet metal you need to drill a pilot hole in advance. For thicker metal, it may require more than one screw to drill through the surface. To save time and labor, you can use self-drilling self-tapping screws to drill into metal.
For wood and steel, there are different tips.

Self-tapping screwTek screw

Left is for metal, right is for wooden.

Solaracks uses St6.3*80 for example which is most common.


  • Drilling, thread-forming and fastening in one step
  • Connect components in one step
  • Reduces assembly times
  • Save tool changes and drilling tool costs

Product Details:

  • Screw material: A2 stainless steel with case-hardened carbon steel drill point
  •  For components made of: Steel or aluminum
  •  Max. drill capacity [inches (mm)]: 0.472″ (12mm)



  • Hexagon drive
  • Free Spin Zone under the head facilitates longitudinal joints
  • Small dead center prevents misalignment on the component surface
  • Excellent atmospheric and UV resistance.
  • Pre-assembled Stainless steel 304 EPDM sealing washer


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