Residential solar installation

Residential solar installation

5 Reasons to Get a Home Solar Installation

There’s never been a better time to invest in solar energy. The benefits of home solar panels are countless, but here are just a few:

Save Money

The average homeowner saves $30,000 in a 20-year span with solar panels. In certain sunny places, that number can double.


Homeowners can offset about 100,000 lbs. of carbon dioxide over 20 years. That’s the same as driving 100,000 miles in a car.

Tax Incentives

The Federal Solar Tax Credit means you can get nearly a third of your money back on your solar installation.

Increase Home Value

Solar panels make your home more desirable, which raises your home’s value.

Safe Investment

Manufacturers offer 20 or 25-year warranties on their solar panels — this is an investment that’s built to last.


Solar Installation on Masonry Shingles

This is an example of a stone coated metal tile roof mount in San Carlos. Extra long lag bolts were used to extend through the existing bats and shake shingle to ensure a strong hold in the rafter beneath.  The tile hook is contoured perfectly to rise up and over the bat so that the tiles do not need to be altered, therefore, the roof remains 100% weather tight…as always.

Residential solar installation


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