200kw Double glass frameless panels in AUSTRALIA

    Pitched Roof Mounting System

    Rail-Free ballasted flat mounting system

    • Install Site: Flat Roof ,Landfill , Open Terrain
    • Module Orientation: Landscape Recommended
    • Tilt Angle: 5°,10°
    • Material: Q235 Steel,AL6005-T6

    The Railless ballasted roof mounting system is our newly developed product for commercial flat rooftops, a south-oriented racking solution for mounting framed modules on flat roofs with 5°,10° mounting tilts. The ballast weight is customizable to wind zone and exposure category to meet on an individual basis. The simple and straightforward installation process of the system can save time and reduce the labor cost.

    1. No drilling or digging, without roof penetration
    2. Only four major components , railless design
    3. EPDM mats offer additional protection for the roof
    4. Best price value available , Q235 steel
    5. End and inter clamp compatible
    6. 10 years product warranty