ZAM Zn-Al-Mg Steel Ground Mount System

ZAM Zn-Al-Mg Steel Ground Mount System

  • Color: Silver Gray
  • Install Site: Open Terrain
  • Module Orientation: Landscape , Portrait
  • Wind Speed: Up To 88m/S(316.8kmh/196.9mph)
  • Tilt Angle: Fixed
  • Material: ZAM Steel, Stainless Steel 304


ZAM steel, or Zn-Al-Mg alloy-coated steel, incorporates zinc, aluminum, and magnesium in its coating composition. This combination provides enhanced corrosion resistance and durability compared to traditional hot-dipped galvanized steel.


ZAM steel offers far greater corrosion resistance, scratch resistance, and a longer lifetime. It is renowned for its self-healing performance on raw edges when exposed to red rust. Rust can disrupt continuity and compromise strength in your solar racking system, making this a significant concern in many environments. ZAM steel is a great alternative to aluminum and is more cost-effective.


Due to these excellent properties, ZAM steel plays a crucial role in ground mounting systems for utility-scale solar projects or solar farms.





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ZAM Steel Mounting Structure on site



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1. Corrosion resistance
2. Scratch resistance
3. Self-healing performance
4. Cost-effective
5. Longer life time

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