Klip lok 406 clamp

Klip lok 406 clamp


Kliplok roof sheet is made by Bluescope steel, which is a company from Australia, over 150years history, widely presence in South East Asian countries.

  • The 406 clamp are simply attached to standing seam panel and provide a secure non-penetrating fastening solution. #Claw
  • The standing seam clamp would be simply fastened by 2 hex bolts.
  • Version 3.0 of new 406 metal sheet clamp, open wider for easier install.
  • Improved grabbing part
  • Fully anodized aluminum
  • Can use as anchoring point in safety harness system
  • Can use with bottom mount rail

Accessories: 2*M8x25 ss304 bolt, nut, washer


Seam roof as below, can simply measure distance between seams if it is 203mm.

Kliplok 406 metal sheet

Clamp 406 can be used with L connector then side mount rail or with bottom mount rail.

Claw with bottom mount rail cost only half of coventional railing system

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