Delta triangle tapping into tin roof

Delta tapping screw

Delta triangle tapping into tin roof

  • Item: Adjustable Delta triangle mounting
  • Application: Flat roof, open terrain
  • Tilt angle: Fixed to project design
  • Building height: Up to 20m
  • Snow load: Up to 100cm
  • Wind speed: Up to 80m/s
  • Module type: Framed, unframed
  • Module orientation: Landscape, portrait
  • Material: Anodized aluminum 6005 T5, stainless steel 304, 410
  • Standard: AS/NZS1170.2:2011 (R2016), JIS C 8955:2017


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Delta triangle mounting bracket is more versatile than traditional ballast mount on flat roof installation. It can be installed on roof clamp or penetrate into concrete base, metal sheet, or using concrete as ballast. Fold design allows for easy transportation, cost-effective warehousing and easy mounting.


Delta tripod on concrete

Delta triangle on standing seam clamp

Delta triangle with concrete ballast

Delta triangle tapping to metal sheet

Delta triangle install finish

For more information, please download instruction manual.


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