Carport solar mount system – Canopy

solar carport structure

Carport solar mount system – Canopy

  • Color: Natural , Powder Coated
  • Install Site: Open Terrain
  • Module Orientation: Landscape , Portrait
  • Wind Speed: Up To 88m/S(316.8kmh/196.9mph)
  • Tilt Angle: Fixed
  • Material: Anodized Aluminum 6005 T5, Stainless Steel 304


Carport solar mounting structure offers a simplified and economic solution providing shade for parking and solar power generation, it is designed with different options for both single and double rows  of parking, tailored for most module types, orientations, and inclinations. Various foundation options include precast concrete, bored pier and ground screw. Lond spans between foundations reduce cost and simplify the installation process.

Solar carport effectively uses exsiting parking space, streamlined design making it ideal choice to present enviromental friendly image or work as electrical vehicle charging station.


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1. Multi-purpose solar mounting structure
2. Cost-effective combined traditional carport with solar racking
3. Green image

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