Our Story

Jin Huang_280

Jin Huang – Co-founder & CEO


Jin Huang set up whole Solaracks team, he has worked in the solar mounting system industry since 2012.  Been in international business after bachelor degree in 2007. He has very nice personality and defines Solaracks to be authentic to provide value.

Sam Wu_280

Samantha Wu – Key Account Manager


Samantha Wu is an experienced and highly professional Key Account Manager, who is a true expert in client relations. From the careful consideration of all aspects of a project to the fine details of execution, she consistently delivers outstanding results. Known for her efficiency, skill, and attention to details, she has earned a reputation for excellence among our clients.

Allan Xiao_280

Allan Xiao – Technician


Allan got a bachelor degree of mechanical & engineering in 2007 and has been in solar industry since 2012.  With many years experience designing solar mounting systems, he grows up to be an engineer who is willing to consider various design options and always pursues the optimize solution for customers.

Jimmy Jiang_280

Jimmy Jiang – Technician


Jimmy Jiang is an experienced technician in designing solar mounting systems. He has provided design proposals for over 500MW+ solar projects.  He is detail oriented and pursues perfection for all the projects he deals with.  He is hard-working and a team work player.

Jacky Hong_280

Jacky Hong – Sales


Jacky Hong got bachelor degree of mechanical engineering and automation in 2012. Before Solaracks, he has worked at a  company of solar mounting system for since 2014. He is a typical engineering head,  he does things very carefully and pursues perfection.

Nicole Wu_280

Nicole Wu – Sales 


Nicole Wu got her bachelor degree of Mechanical Engineering in 2000.  She is customer-oriented. More than 16 years of working experience in manufacturing and engineering background help her understand customer’s technical requests more easily.  She is close to customers and can manage customers projects systematically and efficiently.

Jacquelin Nie_280

Jacqueline Nie – Sales


Jacqueline got her bachelor degree of Business English in 2007.  She has 4.5 years of business experience and 6 years experience in business associations.  She is good at communicating with customers, and understands customers’ expectations well.

Rachel Guo_280

Rachel Guo – Finance


Rachel Guo is a dedicated and diligent lady who always maintains a friendly demeanor. Her meticulous approach to work is coupled with a warm and welcoming personality, making her an integral part of our team.

Lucky Ding_280

Lucky Ding – HR & Admin


Lucky Ding is a dedicated and highly professional individual who is committed to finding the very best talent for our company. With a unique perspective on team building and a keen eye for identifying the right people for the job, she is a true asset to our organization. She is trustworthy not only for management but also for employees.

Della 280

Della Zheng – Warehouse & Logistics


Della Zheng has been with our company for many years and is highly dedicated to her work. She is detail-oriented and hard-working. She is the backbone of our business team and is always able to provide timely and effective assistance.