How Solaracks Supports EPC Customers

How Solaracks Supports EPC Customers

The EPCs in the solar industry is truly a comprehensive management work. Especially large-scale solar construction. Over the years, risky business models failed while successful companies adapted to the volatile environment.

Solaracks wanted to discuss with you the understanding of how to support EPC companies as a racking manufacturer.

  • Quality and cost, basic for a supply cooperation:
    Design, quotation, load calculation, weight, volume, help to model the project cost.
  • Schedule:
    Clear expectation can smooth project process. Our default is 15days for roof mount below 5MW, 20days for ground mount below 5MW. If urgent, please inform earlier. Will do our best effort.
  • Correct material at correct site:
    Our colleague check quantity of each carton by weighing, then label carton content. And we use color label to identify different projects. We suggest EPC customers standardize on their equipment for efficiency.
  • Communication a lot to build trust, long-term partnership:
    This means mutual support, like urgent lead time, issues arise, also more business for sure. We response quickly and update timeline, will alert if there are potential problems. Confusion and unnecessary slowdowns will impact the overall progress of projects.
  • Extra supply service:
    Extra supply service for other BOS components like grounding, cable clip, cable, connector, walkway etc.  Key is to be hustle free in the field. We tried to provide more assembly in our racking, and more accessories integrated.
  • Problem solving and adaption.
    Mitigating risks and potential issues up front is the backbone of trusted EPCs. When issues arise, having a strong relationship with a racking supplier who is committed to working through a project’s success is a partner. Being able to work through any issues that arise is vital.

    With several years of experience in supporting EPC customers, we are down to earth to make things happen. Welcome to joined with our many happy customers to be supported.


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