how expensive is solar electricity in USA?

how expensive is solar electricity in USA?

1. How much has the price of solar for residential dropped in recent years?

If you’re an optimist looking for feel-good statistics, the cost of solar electricity in the past decade is a great place to start. U.S. solar installation cost has dropped by 70 percent over the past 10 years. In the last year alone, the residential market saw a five percent decrease in cost. There’s no question that solar has evolved from a cleantech commodity to a sensible home upgrade that millions of Americans are considering in 2019.

3. What do residential solar panel systems typically cost?

The answer to this question depends on the state and system size. However, there is data that can help you estimate what solar panels cost in 2019 in the U.S. The easiest way to calculate the cost of solar electricity across different system sizes is in dollars per watt ($/W), which indicates how many dollars solar will cost per watt of available electricity production. In 2019, homeowners are paying an average of $3.05/W. To put that figure in perspective, in 2008 the average cost of solar was just over $8/W. For an average 6kW system, a price of $3.05/W means you’ll pay approximately $18,300 before tax credits and rebates in 2019.

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