High quality 1KW roof solar mounting system

High quality 1KW roof solar mounting system

As one of the most experienced and qualified High-quality 1KW roof solar mounting system supplier in China, Solaracks roof solar mounting system has been trusted by thousands of installation companies in the world.

Solar mounting system designed with great flexibility both for the commercial and residential solar system. It is suitable for installing framed and frameless modules on the roof and ground , Easy installation, High-preassembly parts and Customized solution will save your installation time and money.

roof solar mounting systemthe Factory directly sale solar pv flat roof mounting systems for flat roof solar panel provide a lightweight solution for almost all flat roofs solar power plant construction. The system is designed for easy and quick fixed by only 1 tool with small number of components. Variety configuration of solar panel can be built for optimal solution for South-faced roofs, North-south roofs and East-west roofs.

Suited for both framed and laminates modules Module inclination angle can be 10°,15°,20°,30° or customized degree.
Set on all standard types of flat roof, concrete, membranes, bituminous sheeting roofs, etc., and allowed max slope of 5° of the flat roofs.

Optimal Ballast Setup
Using the same parts to build typically South setup, North-South setup and East-West setup.
Low point loads due to evenly spread load distribution on the roofs and aerodynamic design
The wind deflector optional to cool down the temperature of solar module to improve the yield of solar system.

Rapid installation thanks to preassembly console and low number of individual parts
Only one assembly tool necessary due to the pop rivet connection No roof penetration
Simply maintenance as the PV modules are quickly and easily accessible at all times.

High quality 1KW roof solar mounting system


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