Ground mount solar racking

Ground mount solar racking

Xiamen Solaracks offering a series of ground mounting solar racking, roof mounting system , Pitched Roof Mounting System, Mounting System Accessories and so on high tech products in succession, always keeping leading status on solar Photovoltaic mounting structural design and system performance our design and performance taking road of.

China solaracks ground mount solar racking types include GTS ground mounting system on screw pile, Agriculture solar shared mounting structure, Pile driven mounting system, Aluminum ground mounting and Carport solar mount system. Solar mounting system designed with great flexibility both for commercial and residential solar system. It is suitable for installing framed and frameless modules flushed to the roof and ground, Easy to install, high preassembly parts and customized solution will save your installation time and money.

ground-mounted photovoltaic systems

In commercial and residential applications, ground-mounted photovoltaic systems offer the flexibility to install arrays in open spaces when available roof areas are limited, blocked or non-existent. Ground-mounted PV systems range in size from a few kilowatts to a few megawatts and can be adapted to a variety of field conditions. They often allow for optimized design, such as specifying the optimal spacing and orientation of the array to maximize kWh throughput. Over the years, racking systems have evolved from off-the-shelf metal framed channels that have been retrofitted and assembled into engineering solutions, many of which do not require field modifications such as cutting, drilling and welding.

Pre-designed floor mount bracket systems are typically assembled from anodized aluminum, steel or aluminum and steel components, usually assembled from hot-dip galvanized or stainless steel hardware. Some racking systems are certified to meet UL 2703’s integrated grounding and connection requirements, which approved ground-mounted racking system components as grounding for the module frame, meaning that no bare copper equipment grounding conductors are available for purchase, installation, and management.  China Solaracks are waiting for UL 2703 certification for their products, and some manufacturers have not solved this problem.

Since ground-mounted arrays are typically composed of long east-west rows, multiple support rails are coupled together and Solaracks begin to provide thermal expansion provisions in track splices. Similarly, the ground-mounting bracket system has begun to integrate wire management functions to help protect the wires while reducing the time spent by the installer to protect and support the array wiring.

In addition, ground-mounted racking systems can provide different foundations and installation methods to address uneven terrain and various soil types and conditions. If excavation is restricted due to land use, such as installations on landfills, or areas where underground obstacles (such as underground utilities or shallow bedrock) are present, foundations that do not require penetration may be required, such as prefabricated or cast-in-place Concrete ballast block. If it is possible to excavate and excavate, the installer can use concrete footings, pilings, micropiles and screw to secure and support the array. Depending on the shelf system design and soil type, the floor plan may require a single or double row of vertical support columns and associated anchor points. Also, the mounting tolerances of the vertical support members vary from product to product. For complex or uneven locations, it is important to consider that each post may not be fully installed.

What are the different types of ground mounting solar systems?


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