Ground mount solar racking systems

Ground mount solar racking systems

At solaracks we offer ground mounted solar panel system solutions for solar projects where the roof isn’t available or it is impractical.

Benefits of Ground Mounted Solar Power Systems

Solar panel ground mounts eliminate the need for roof penetrations
Ground mounted solar panel systems keep electrical mechanisms off the roof
Ground mounted solar systems can often operate more efficiently (there’s usually more airflow underneath the array and thus less energy loss from heat)

Array Design

You have a lot of design flexibility with ground mounts, one of our licensed consultants will

work with you to determine the best spot to put your ground mount.

We will check with the city or county to determine your setback requirements.
If you are on septic it is helpful if you have the map available as we will need to stay away from those areas.
Keeping the system close to your main electrical panel will keep the cost down. Often times there may be a sub panel that is close we can access.
Solaracks does not use 2” fence post to build the ground mount structures like
many competitors. Our systems are built to last. Check out our install pictures to see the difference.
We suggest scheduling a time to go check out one of our installs to see the difference in quality first hand.
Array Layout

Many homeowners are curious to know the height of the ground mounts. If your system is being installed on flat ground the front row is usually installed at a height of 3’ depending on the number of panels your system requires. We design with a 15-20 degree tilt so the back height of the solar panels ends up around 5’ to 6’. Often times we use an existing slope to keep the height of the array lower.

solaracks racking options for your solar panels depend on your individual project’s needs. Currently our recommendation is Haticon solar ground mounts. We believe them to be the paramount ground mount available on the market.


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