Ground and Roofing Mounts

Ground and Roofing Mounts

Powers Solar Frames makes it simple to implement solar into your daily life. Not only do they provide consumers with affordable solar panel mounting solutions, they also take pride in ensuring all products are constructed with quality materials. Installation can be a real headache, but Powers Solar Frames made it their mission to ensure all customers could take advantage of alternative energy products by coming up with efficient ways to mount panels.

With a variety of patented mounting options, this manufacture is able to supply products for all sizes of projects. Plus, your ground and roofing mounting system can have a direct effect on the efficiency of your panels. This is something that this solar framing manufacture kept in mind when designing their products. With over 50 years experience in the industry, you are sure to find a mounting solution that will suit your needs.

Powers Solar Frames 5 Panel Ground Mount Benefits
solar panel mounting

► Less steel, equal strength
► Reduced shipping costs and no welding
► Concrete footing or pile driven options
► Concrete footings – 10″dia. X 4′ post footing
► Eliminates rafter – modified purlin does both
► Narrower footprint
► Panels slide on in seconds
► All components pre-punched
► Slotted holes in super-purlin allow for angle adjustment
► 5° – 30° tilt available
► All galvanized framework – no need for paint
► 4 panel model available.
Ground and Roofing Mounts

China Solaracks Ground and Roofing Mounts is suitable for almost all photovoltaic panels, including thin film components. This unique ground racking system is manufactured from structural grade, anodized aluminum and stainless steel fasteners to withstand the toughest environmental conditions.


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