Corrugated roof solar mounts

Corrugated roof solar mounts

China solaracks high-quality corrugated roof solar mounts system

Corrugated metallic roof brackets are mainly used in distributed solar power station recently, corrugated metallic roof brackets mainly choose different special fixtures according to different W-type, to fix whole bracket system and modules on roof.
The commonly used fixtures are divided into angle chi type,ladder-shaped type and standing seam type according to corrugated metallic roof types, Bracket structural sections selection according to roof live load and wind and snow condition at project place. Recently our company’s corrugated metallic roof brackets have advantages of convenient connection and easy to install.

Corrugated roof solar mounts

Corrugated roof solar mounts

Aluminum Solar Brackets for Corrugated Metallic Roof/Solar Mounting

Why Us?
1. maximum lifespan – 10 years warranty, at least 20 years duration

2. more than 13 years manufacturing experience of solar mounting system

3. fast delivery without compromising the quality

4. 24 hours service, OEM/ODM available

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