Common practice of SUS 410 self-tapping screw in solar mounting system

Common practice of SUS 410 self-tapping screw in solar mounting system

SUS 410 self-tapping screw

SUS 410 self-tapping screw Material:                            

410 stainless steel: 1Cr13

Not 100% rusty free

Martensitic stainless steel C1 30H

Hardness 300HVmin

SUS 410 self-tapping screw Description

  • Drilling, thread-forming and fastening in one step
  • Connect components in one step
  • Reduces assembly times
  • Save tool changes and drilling tool costs


As stainless steel is different from carbon steel, it has good ductility and malleability. Improper use can easily lead to inability to break through, and the bonding is not strong.

SUS316 and 304 screw can drill into plastic steel, magnesium alloy, aluminum alloy, industrial plastics and other materials, SUS 410 not only can you tap into the above materials, but can also tap into stainless steel plates and steel plates with various harnesses around HV300 degrees.

  1. Drive in 410 screw, ensure that the speed of the drill is between 1000 and 1500 rpm
  2. Install the sleeve of 9.5 on the drill, then connect the screws.
  3. The screw and electric drill must be perpendicular to the surface of the profiled steel plate during installation and click on the power switch, create a center point
  4. Torque 12-13NM, please note that the unit is not lbs. Ensure that the force is on the same vertical line as the center point.
  5. Turn on the power switch; do not stop midway, stop the drill quickly after the screw is in place (to prevent under drilling and excessive drilling). Period is about 10-15 seconds
  6. Can use on steel plate thickness 6-10MM
  7. After drill, please check the screw top to keep the EPDM gasket in close contact with the roof to prevent water leakage, bring corrosion to the screws. The screw top requires additional anti-corrosion treatment, need to check screw when the solar system maintenance.


  • Store in the dry environment, and wipe it in case of any rust on surface.
  • Don’t use too much force when break in, the tip and threads will break.

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