To the team member


There may be not many disruptive innovations, but we start up Solaracks from optimizing the solar mounting system. We like to call ourselves Solaracks gangster, discipline, trust, mutual support, fighting strength.


Because of the start-up, we pursue optimism, creativity, mutual commitment, and growth. We follow the market faster and more efficiently, and the adjustments are faster and more accurate. Guided by customer service, there is deeper interaction with users. There is no unnecessary process, more effective adjustment of products and services to customers’ needs, and greater ability to establish one-to-one “real” relationships with customers. To cultivate customer loyalty. Stay humble, we observe the market and listen to the needs of customers.


Grow, Grow, Grow are the company’s highest priority keywords, so our organization is making progress every day. Hope you who will join us agree with our values, enterprising, inner wealth, positive energy, and international vision. Then in the industry the “Solaracks gangster” will stand out and get a place, in long term.


You may like me. I read some books when I first entered the workplace. I feel that corporate culture is too vain and too vague, and useless. But after many years, I think these intangible things are even more important than tangible products. A company relies on good products and services in the short term, looks at strategy in the medium term, and looks at culture in the long run, that is the system that can continue to yield excellent output. If a company can continue to deliver an eye-catching product to the market, there must be an innovative mechanism behind it. Companies can dig each other out, but this corporate culture is difficult to replicate, even if the answer is to you and it is not so easy to copy, which requires great wisdom and courage of management.

The company’s product industry is the same, people and corporate culture are the secret weapons to break this balance.


Then I think this is the soil of the Solaracks, which will give birth to different fruits.