Can double glass module become trend?

Can double glass module become trend?

Double glass solar panel getting more and more, as solar mounting system manufacturer, we wonder whether there is going to be a trend? They need special frameless module clamp to fix compared with normal clamps for framed module.  Frameless solar panel includes thin film and dual glass module. Thin film giant First Solar now is switching from frameless series 4 to framed series 6. So is the dual glass module going to take the trend?

Below is brief introduction for part of its advantages against normal solar module with TPT backsheet.


  1. Two-layer glass can better protect the solar cell inside, so there will be less invisible crack in solar cell. Flexibly help.
  2. System Voltage for Dual-Glass is 1500V, it may help reduce BOS cost
  3. Fire class for Dual glass compared to normal class C, so there will be slimmer change for fire, especially on rooftop.
  4. Dual-Glass panel has 30% or so lower attenuation than traditional one (0.5% against 0.7%),so it can enjoy 30 years warranty and generate 25% or so more power.
  5. Dual-glass panel is frameless, hence no need for ground connection.
  6. Dual glass module without TPT backsheet, good heat dissipation, improving power generation.


  1. Zero water permeation rate and without aluminum frame, which can help avoid PID and makes it a better choice for areas with high humidity.
  2.  Available with transparent encapsulant to increase value for greenhouse or carport applications

There are also disadvantages

  1. Weight too much, 30% increase compared with normal panel. Glass weight more than 70% in the dual glass module, now glass makers are trying to reduce glass thickness from 2.5mm to 2.0mm.
  2. Transportation for glass needs more protection.

Solaracks offers framless module clamp, compatible for thickness 3-8mm.

120mm length can bear load +3600Pa/-2400Pa.

Choose 3M EPDM for tight fit solves sliding off pain point.

Lower bolt head solves shading on panel issue.

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