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كن داعما

Solaracks تصميم وتصنيع نظام الأرفف الشمسية لدعم مشاريع الطاقة الشمسية في كل قطاع. نحن نقدم قيمة لعملائنا من خلال منتجات بأسعار تنافسية ، ودعم استجابة ، وخدمات هندسية قوية ، والجودة المعتمدة ، وتميز سلسلة التوريد.

L foot pitched roof mounting system
نظام تركيب سقف ضاري


Visions and Values

Our vision is a renewable energy powered world where human can have sustainable living. In terms of solar,  we believe grid parity will fundamentally change the definition of energy, and benefit human generations and generations at massive scale.

Authentic, reliable, exchange value
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Reduce information asymmetry in international business
Details, pursue excellence
People make things different
Down to the earth
Build and invest in long-term relationships


We are passionate about renewable energy and solar will boom in worldwide so we choose this runway, launched Solaracks for solar mounting systems. As entrepreneur 3.0 of China, we are most open to international business culture, our simple understanding of business is to be authentic to create value to our customer, this is our way of “support “.

Solaracks methodology is credit and efficiency.

The optimized solar mounting system, technical support, validated learning, close to end user, branding, after sales service is credit.

Cost, fast delivery, swift flexible supply chain, nearby warehouse, rapid response to market feedback is efficiency.

We believe our professional calling is to deliver quality, down to the finest details. We redesigned products as well as package carton, we believe customers will respond to this focus on details in long term. Our expectations are high and we hold ourselves accountable. We all down to the earth to do the dirty work.