Application Of FRP Walkway In PV Industry

Application Of FRP Walkway In PV Industry


As the solar industry grows, installation and maintenance of solar power generation equipment is also essential, this requires maitenance  walkway. Then what kind of walkway is suitable? This important task was finally handed over to FRP walkway.

FRP walkway is made of resin, fiberglass fiber filament and filler calcium powder, which is formed by a series of processing, with good corrosion resistance to acid, alkali, organic solvents, salts and many other gas and liquid media. At the same time, it has UV protection function, it will not fade in the sun.


It has following advantages,

Light weight: 1/4 weight of steel, 2/3 weight of aluminum

High strength: the absolute strength greatly exceeds that of aluminum, reaching the level of ordinary steel

Corrosion resistance: corrosion resistance to gas and liquid media

Cost-effective: low cost, no need maintenance

Easy to cut: Can be cut on-site with a cutter, or even with a regular hacksaw blade

Meanwhile, the antislip ones prevent slipping and avoid accident.

In recent years, our clients have a great demand of FRP walkway. We provide long rail and short rail mounting for FRP walkway according to the detailed info.


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